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                                                          intelligent  mischief

 *with a hint of spunk*

Hello and welcome! 

I'm a Canadian New Yorker who lives in Los Angeles with my very sassy and sweet Bronx foster tabby cat. I've had a really fun and eclectic career, a few highlights: performing with PHISH at Madison Square Garden on NYE (twice!), the world premiere of Canada's first Wagner Ring Cycle, College Humor Originals out here in LA, dancing for the Queen HRH outside in the middle of November in Winnipeg (you read that correct!). 


Being creatively playful is my jam. I'm currently readying our 1940s avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren inspired short Haven for festivals this year. Struggle City, a comedic short form series is an Official 2021 select at NJ Webfest & New Filmmakers NY. I was a member of the SAG Nominating Committee in 2021. I love being a reader and offering feedback and notes on scripts, hit me up! Connect with me at WeAudition here


I have a Film & TV Industry Essentials Certificate Course with NYU & Yellowbrick and my short film A Piece of Home can be seen here.

I am and will always be a life long learner and curiosity seeker. I am a Usui Reiki Master and am continually learning about the energetic world around me, more here. I'm currently working through the Gene Keys Venus Retreat sequence and with sensuality coach Carli Jo Cabrera. Over the past two years I have loved exploring Linklater, Phonetic Pillows and accent work with Peter Marciano. Language is a fascinating puzzle for me, tracing the commonality and connections between languages. All of these different ways in allows me to dive into character through new physicality and awareness. In the past I have enjoyed learning about Gaga movement, Laban, Feldenkrais, Psycho-Physical Action, you name it. I recently started pole dancing and bouldering which have been brilliantly challenging and wildly inspiring new hobbies.  If you'd like to collaborate (or want to know how to build a snow shelter, or igloo), please email me at For Theatrical Representation please contact 90210 Talent, Rose Nix

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